John "Bud" Campbell Endowment Campaign

John "Bud" Campbell Endowment Campaign

John "Bud" Campbell opened North Mesquite High School as it's first Principal in 1969, where he served for twenty years until 1989. Mr. Campbell was beloved by his students and faculty and created a legacy of pride for the Stallions. A product of Mt. Vernon, Texas, Bud was an All-State basketball player and went on to play college basketball at Texas Christian University. He published the book Heart of Gold - A Basketball Player's Legacy in 2005.

Before opening North Mesquite High School, Bud was principal at J.H. Florence Elementary School, a school in the feeder pattern to North. There, he implemented a special "continuous progress" program in reading and math. Always an innovator, he personally recorded his reading of all six grades of basal readers for struggling readers. Visitors from 37 states came to visit the school during his tenure.

Prior to that he was an outstanding teacher/coach and principal at Florence Black Elementary School.

We hope all classes from North Mesquite who were part of the John Campbell era will participate in contributing to this worthwhile cause. Including people who were teachers, administrators, and others throughout his entire 30 plus year with MISD. Please keep in mind that it may be named after John “Bud” Campbell, but the real benefit will go to young people who want to become educators. 

John "Bud" Campbell passed away on December 15, 2022.

Join us in recognizing John "Bud" Campbell's contributions by making a donation to the Endowment.