Will Project - Employee Giving

About Will Project - Employee Giving

In return for District employees making the minimum required contribution to the Education Foundation, Dyer & Mauro will prepare a Will for an employee and his or her spouse at no charge to the employee.

- Only MISD employees are eligible.
- The minimum donation level is $400 for an employee (one Will) and $500 for an employee and spouse (two Wills).
- Employees may make a one-time donation or make a monthly pledge. Monthly pledges will begin in September.
- The deadline to participate is August 31, 2023.
- Qualifying employees will receive a certificate and instructions, from the Foundation in September, 2023.
- Employees will have 1-year from the date of issue to use the certificate.
- Some restrictions may apply (e.g. persons with estates exceeding the unified estate and gift tax exemption level, if any, would need services that cannot be provided for this price).